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A Nationwide Leader in Telecommunications Law

Telecom Law Firm, PC was founded in 2006 by Jonathan L. Kramer, a nationally recognized attorney, telecom technology expert and expert witness. He has more than 30 years’ experience in wireless, cable television, telecommunications, technology, engineering and management. Telecom Law Firm serves the legal needs of corporate, government and private clients. Our firm’s staff have handled in excess of 3,000 wireless and broadband projects and served more than 700 government clients in both legal and consulting capacities. They serve several hundred private clients ranging in size from large multinational corporations to individuals. From building crystal radios as a kid to becoming a radio frequency engineer with multiple FCC licenses and industry certifications, Mr. Kramer took his lifelong passion for radio communications technology and created one of the nation’s leading telecommunications law firms.

Legal Expertise Combined with In-Depth Technology Knowledge

Our firm’s expertise is deep, broad and highly technical which is essential for the successful practice of law within this complicated area. Our expert team delivers extensive legal experience as well as in-depth knowledge of telecommunications technology providing clients with exceptional added value.

We not only understand and speak the language of technology, but are also able to translate this knowledge in key ways that benefit our clients. It is this valuable combination of technology and legal knowledge that distinguishes Telecom Law Firm and enables our highly skilled attorneys to best serve the needs of our clients.

Comprehensive Telecommunications Services from Wired to Wireless

Telecom Law Firm represents a wide range of government and private clients specializing in the following areas:

  • Cell site leasing
  • Wireless tower agreements
  • Cell site lease sales and buyouts
  • Underpayments/over-occupancy resolution
  • Wireless lease amendments
  • Cell tower modifications
  • Telecom equipment leases
  • Fiber optic network leases
  • Construction verifications
  • Right-of-way negotiations
  • Right of access agreements
  • Collocation negotiations

Additionally, our firm performs a significant amount of national and state policy work primarily on behalf of governments and government agencies. Telecom Law Firm is nationally known for its advocacy work including those in FCC filings, rule makings, and interpretations of FCC rules. We are one of the few national go-to law firms that provides advocacy work in conjunction with technical expertise, further enhancing the effectiveness of the advocacy.

Nationally Recognized Government Practice

Telecom Law Firm serves local governments and cities nationwide in the following areas:

  • We are leasing attorneys for local governments, giving special consideration to the particular overlay of rules that must be included in these leases. Our team ensures that these leases favor the local government and the residents of the city that we are working for.
  • Our firm is retained by cities to review cell site wireless facility projects, make presentations at planning commissions and city council meetings, propose permit conditions, and conduct safety evaluations. We conduct a wide range of project determinations on matters regarding design, compliance with the FCC’s radio frequency safety standards, and level of impact on the community.
  • Our attorneys author wireless ordinances that regulate the placement and look and feel of wireless facilities within the community. We assist local governments in creating the basic rules that regulate the installation of wireless facilities in the city.

Consult with an Outstanding Telecommunications Attorney

To discuss your matter with one of our experienced telecommunications attorney, please contact us for a free initial consultation.

The firm’s staff consists of a small and cohesive group of very highly skilled people. None of them has forgotten how to speak English, or how to respectfully deal with others.


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