A Letter from a Lawyer. Now what?

It’s a great day.

You’ve just returned from a trip to the bank. You just deposited your monthly cell site lease payment and you’re felling might happy about that check.  You decide its such a nice day that you’ll stop on the way back to enjoy a cone of ice cream.  Ah, two scoops of creamy decadent French Vanilla in a traditional sugar cone.   The sprinkles on top are just the way you like them.

It is delicious!

Having finished your treat, you drive off and reach your driveway.

You get out of the car and walk to your door.  Just as you start to push open the door you hear your Letter Carrier call out your name.  You turn and wave, returning her greeting.  She says she needs your signature for a delivery. You smile at her.  You say, “Sure.”

certifiedmailYou watch while she fishes through her letter bag.  After a moment she pulls out a while envelope and looks up at you.  As she extends her arm, you spy what she’s holding to be about the size of a Number 10 business envelope. You see a green bar across across the top that says, “CERTIFIED MAIL.”  Your heart flutters.   Then you see the return address starting with, “Law Offices of…”  Your heart skips a full beat.

The Letter Carrier turns over the letter and hand you a pen, pointing to the receipt you are to sign.  You dutifully sign the receipt, and she removes it from the back of the envelope.  Finally she hands you the letter.  You stare down at it.  She gives you the rest of your mail and says goodbye.  You manage to mumble your thanks as she retreats from your doorway.

Clutching the Certified Letter and the rest of the day’s mail, you go inside.

Rather than ripping open the envelope, you find a letter opener and carefully slice open the top.  Ever-so-gently you pry apart the front panel from the back allowing you to peek inside.  The letter is folded over on itself.  No text is visible.

Resigned, you remove the neatly-folded letter, unfold it, and start to read:

Cell Site Lease Landlord:

This law firm represents your cell site lease tenant in the matter discussed below.  Your immediate attention to this matter is required…

You read, then re-read the letter and as your heart sinks to somewhere near your ankles.

Not understanding why you got this letter, or how to respond, you put the letter aside.

Later, you pick up the letter again and realize that you need to talk with a competent lawyer who knows about the wireless industry, what the letter says, and what it means. . .

Over the course of a 20 or 30 year cell tower lease, it’s likely that you receive an ominous-looking certified letter or two from your tenant’s law firm, or even your wireless tenant.  Most of the time, there is some issue that requires that you be formally notified of something that is happening, or something that has happened, in connection with the cell site lease.  We frequently deal with these matters on behalf of our clients and explain what’s going on and how to deal with it from a legal and business perspective.

If you have received a legal letter from your wireless tenant’s law firm or directly form the tenant, let us explain what’s going on.   Initial consultations free and without obligation.  For a free no-obligation initial 30-minute consultation, give us a call on our toll free telephone number: (855) Cell-Site.    A thirty-minute call might save you 30 nights of nightmares, all for nothing.