Reasonable Demands…and Unreasonable Demands

Over the course of the life of your cell tower lease, your tenant is very likely to approach you asking for things.

Somethings they’ll ask for permission to modify the existing site.

Sometime they’ll ask you to allow them to renew and extend their lease years before the lease is up.

Sometime they’ll ‘ask’ that you cut their rent…or else.

Our attorneys have seen virtually all there is to see in the way of tenant requests.

In our experience, many requests are reasonable (and some may even require the landlord’s approval under the terms of the lease).  In that case, we’ll explain the true scope the request  and recommend the landlord seriously consider approving the requested action…perhaps coupled with a request or two by the landlord to ‘true-up’ the lease and fix earlier problem language.

Sometimes, however, a seemingly innocent request by your tenant can open a Pandora’s Box of new problems that will last for decades, and cost the landlord tens- or hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.  You’d be surprised how often this is the case.

It’s not unusual for a wireless tenant to hire third parties to contact the landlord to use high-pressure tactics to try and coerce the landlord into making concessions that are simply not necessary, and usually only in the best interests of the tenant.  These third parties will demand you cut the rent…offer a rent vacation…change material terms in the lease, or else.

Or else what?

The usual ‘or else’ is that absent consent by the landlord, the tenant may trigger an early termination of the lease.  Most of this time, this is simply a hollow threat made by a firm who has a financial stake in parting you from your best interests, all to benefit your tenant.

Even if you don’t know which requests are reasonable, and which aren’t, we can help guide you along a proper course, usually saving you substantial money in the process.

Have a question about a request?  Give us a call and take advantage of our policy of giving a free initial consultation to potential new clients.