Considering Selling Your Cell Site Lease? Pros and Cons.

Are you thinking about selling your cell site tower lease?  Lots of site landlords do.

Have you been approached by someone offering to take control of of buy out your wireless lease? Probability, it was one of these firms (listed here in alphabetical order):

  • AP Wireless
  • Communications Capital Group
  • Landmark Dividend
  • Lease Advisors
  • TriStar Investors
  • Wireless Capital Partners
  • Unison

Of course there are other firms out there in this market segment, but the list above represents the industry’s leaders in our perspective.

Here are the most common lease buy out questions we get–and we answer–for our clients:

  1. Why should I sell my wireless lease?
  2. When should I avoid selling my wireless lease?
  3. How much can you expect to make from the sale?
  4. What about the sales fees and legal fees?
  5. What about rent-sharing in the future after I sell the lease?
  6. How about the impact of a sale on my income tax?
  7. What’s the best way to sell my lease?
  8. How can I maximize the value of the sale of my lease?
  9. Don’t all of those firms offer the same basic terms and conditions?
  10. What if I have more than one cell tower lease on my property?
  11. What are the ‘gotchas’ I need to avoid?

If you are considering selling your wireless lease, or you just have questions, give us a call and take advantage of our free initial consultation offer.   Call us on 855-Cell-Site, or click on the button below.