You’ve Been Approached to Lease Your Property for a Cell Site. Now What?

Have you been approached by a wireless firm (usually through a 3rd party intermediary) to lease a portion of your property for use as a cell site?  Congratulations!

Do you speak ‘radio frequency technobabble’?  Wireless companies are banking on the fact that you don’t.

Technobabble allows the wireless companies representatives tell you, the potential landlord, that certain terms in their standard agreement are ‘required for RF engineering reasons and can’t be changed because of federal regulations.’  Generally, there are very few real lease terms that fall into this category, but it’s unlikely you’ll know which terms they are.

We can help take the babble out of the techno, and help put you on an equal footing and help negotiate a reasonable deal.

Jonathan Kramer, Telecom Law Firm’s principal attorney, has over 30 years of wireless engineering experience.  Holder of the highest-grade FCC commercial and amateur radio licenses, Jonathan has also been licensed as a telecommunications contractor in California for over 20 years. He’s member of the State Bar of California and the United States District Court (C.D. CA), as well as the Federal Communications Bar Association and the International Municipal Lawyers Association.

Jonathan and the staff use our firm’s technical expertise to negotiate wireless leases that reject the babble in favor of meaningful and understandable terms.

Some examples of recent successes we have achieved for our cell tower clients:

  • Increased the total lease payments for a client by nearly $60,000 by changing just one key term
  • Blocked a hidden land-grab in an innocuous request  by a wireless tower company that would have deprived our client of the full use of portions of his land beyond the cell site leasehold
  • Produced a 6-figure increase in value for the cell lease after and cell company withheld rent
  • Generated a 4-figure per month increase in revenues for a client without increasing the leasehold area of the existing cell site
  • Assisted a land management firm to maximize future revenue potential for one of their clients selling a wireless lease to a third party

For a free 30-minute consultation with one of our telecom attorneys, please call us on 855-CELL SITE (855-235-5748).