Small Wireless Facility Supplemental Application

[UPDATED 2/28/19 at 10:07 AM PST]

Sometime in early 2000 Jonathan Kramer (before he earned his Doctor of Law and Policy degree at Northeastern University) released a wireless siting project application form adaptable for local governments to use.  We have seen the use of that original form and its oft-updated offspring increase many…many…many times over the course of nearly 20 years.

Tripp May and Dr. Kramer, the partners in Telecom Law Firm, P.C. are pleased to release the latest addition to our latest tool for use by local governments: a Small Wireless Facility (“SWF”) supplemental application that is intended to be used in conjunction with your current wireless application.  It’s not a replacement for your regular wireless application; it’s intended to be a supplement to your existing application. We developed this supplemental applicationtool to respond to the new FCC rules for small wireless facilities that became effective on January 14, 2019.

The SWF Supplemental Application is meant (and required) to be attached by the applicant to your regular wireless application. The SWF Supplemental Applications gives your wireless applicants specific instructions on adding a single page (or perhaps a few pages) to the project plans set designed to make it extremely quick and easy for a local government planner, pubic works staffer, or permit technician to evaluate whether the tendered project is, in fact, likely to be subject to the FCC’s new SWF rules. 

Be aware, and beware: Not every project you receive from an applicant marked as a SWF project is likely to actually be a SWF.  It’s just like projects marked 6409(a) by an applicant that may not really subject to 6409(a) rules.  You can’t blame the applicant project runners for giving it the old college try!

The form itself is provided on this page in WORD format, and designed to make it extremely easy to modify for use by your jurisdiction.  For the first time, Dr. Kramer has recorded a short (a bit less than 15 minutes) video explaining the use of the form.

Please feel free to share the form (and/or a link to this page) with any other jurisdictions you think will benefit from our work.

The current version of the form is 1.07:

Here’s the training video: 

If you’d like to receive email notices of updates to this form and/or the training video please email with the subject line: SWF APP Update Request  (that’ll make it easier for us to add you to the update list).