Wireless Site Leasing

This is our portal page for the public, including non-government entities such as corporations and private parties.

Telecom Law Firm P.C. works for and with corporations and citizens all over the country. Jonathan Kramer, TLF’s principal has been a telecommunications technology advisor, and later as an attorney, for hundreds of corporate and private entities.

Note that Telecom Law Firm does not offer our services to or work for telecommunications carriers. We work for private and government wireless site landlords.

Here are links to pages at this web site of particular interest to wireless landlords, and perspective wireless landlords:

Have you been approached to
LEASE YOUR LAND OR BUILDING for a wireless cell site? Now what?

Are you a Wireless Site Landlord who may be
BEING UNDERPAID on your existing Cell Tower Lease? Don’t leave money on the table.

Are you a Wireless Site Landlord who just received a notice that your
SITE BEING TAKEN OVER BY A NEW TENANT? Be VERY careful about what you as asked to sign.

Are you a Wireless Site Landlord considering
SELLING YOUR EXISTING CELL LEASE? There are ways to increase the value of the sale.

Have you received a letter from your Wireless Tenant with a
DEMAND TO CUT THE RENT on your existing cell site lease, or else…?

Have you received or are expecting a
TERMINATION NOTICE from your existing Wireless Tenant? What NOT to do is as important as WHAT to do.

Have you just RECEIVED A LEGAL LETTER from your existing cell site tenant
or its legal representative? Maybe its nothing; maybe it’s a real issue. We can tell you the right answer

Are you a HAM RADIO OPERATOR with questions about PRB-1? Ask ARRL Volunteer Counsel W6JLK.