This is where you’ll find answers to the common questions regarding our MCLE offerings.

Question 1: Why do we charge money for our MCLE courses.

Answer: Well, it costs a substantial amount of money to produce our MCLE programs.  It also costs a substantial amount of money to have our MCLE videos hosted and served 24/7.

Question 2: Do we ever discount the MCLE course fees?

Answer: In fact, we do offer substantial discounts for government attorneys and law students. We also offer substantial discounts to people we like.  Generally, we do NOT discount our MCLE fees for industry attorneys.  They can dip into the company’s pockets to pay the full rate.

You can use the form below to email us to see how much we like you, and how that’ll translate into a discount code.

Question 3: How much of a discount can I expect to receive off the ‘rack rate’?

Answer: Go back and re-read the answer to Question 2 and then send us an email. Discounts, when available, range from 50% to 100% so you lose nothing by trying.



 More to follow…