Telecom Law Firm, P.C. is a uniquely focused law firm.

Dr. Jonathan L. Kramer founded the firm when he saw an opportunity to help bridge telecom law with telecom technology. As a decades-long telecom engineer who later in life became a telecom lawyer, this was a natural connection.

Our firm provides legal services related to wireless and wired communications, broadcast, cable TV, broadband, fiber technology, telephony, right-of-way technology and management, and Internet domain names and service contracts.

We represent corporate and selected private landlords, non-government entities, local governments, and agencies nationwide who are landlords for wireless infrastructure, including cell towers, fiber optic networks, telecom switching centers, broadcast facilities, and much more.

Telecom Law Firm is nationally recognized for its advocacy work including those in FCC filings, rule makings, and interpretations of FCC rules.  Our work includes agency and appellate litigation representation.

Our People make the Difference

Knowledge is nearly valueless without the people skills to exploit that knowledge. Our firm’s staff consists of a small and cohesive group of very highly skilled people.

Jonathan Kramer

Dr. Jonathan L. Kramer

Principal and Shareholder, Licensed in CA and NM

Robert “Tripp” May III Headshot

Robert “Tripp” May III

Firm Managing Partner and Shareholder, Licensed in CA

Michael Johnston Headshot

Michael Johnston

Partner, Licensed in CA

Sophie Geguchadze

Senior Associate. Licensed in OR, PA, WA

Lory Kendirjian Headshot

Lory Kendirjian

Senior Paralegal & Project Manager

Joey Isaac Administrative Assistant

Joey Isaac

Administrative Assistant

Annette Strong

Operations Manager

Valerie Halvorsen Business Management Head Shot

Valerie Halvorsen

Business Manager


Canine Efficiency Officer


Canine Operating Officer

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