Our Professionals

Telecom Law Firm, P.C. is a very unusual law firm. Headed by Dr. Jonathan Kramer, a legal scholar, a lawyer, a telecommunications engineer with over 35 years of experience, our firm provides legal services related to wireless and wired communications, cable TV, broadband, fiber technology, telephony, right-of-way technology and management, and Internet domain names and service contracts.

Our people make the difference.

Knowledge is nearly valueless without the people skills to exploit that knowledge. The firm’s staff consists of a small and cohesive group of very highly skilled people. None of them has forgotten how to speak English, or how to respectfully deal with others.

Our Firm’s Staff. . .


  • Dr. Jonathan L. Kramer, Esq., LL.M., DLP

    Principal Attorney
    Licensed in California and New Mexico

  • Robert (“Tripp”) May III, Esq.

    Licensed in California

  • Michael Johnston, Esq.

    Associate Attorney
    Licensed in California

Rebekah Rounds, Esq.

Associate Attorney
Licensed in Maryland

  • Natalia Shparber, Esq.

    Of Counsel
    Licensed in California and Florida

  • Lory Kendirjian


  • Hannah, Hermione, and Hamlet

    Telecom Law Firm’s Executive Committee