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Cell Site/Telecom Transactions

Telecommunications infrastructure has to go somewhere. These deals can be pennies from heaven or a decades-long headache. In leases, buyouts and other transactions, our expert attorneys give public agencies, private developers, nonprofits and other real property owners an edge in negotiations.

Our experience and solutions-focused approach help clients achieve efficient and mutually beneficial outcomes.


Leases and License Agreements/Site Permitting & Planning

Our firm’s staff have handled thousands of wireless / broadband projects for both public and private clients.

Our services include drafting and negotiating:
  • Ground Leases
  • Rooftop Leases and Management Agreements
  • Assignments, Subleases and Collocation Agreements
  • iDAS and oDAS Agreements
  • Pole Attachment Agreements
  • Master Licenses and Franchise Agreements
  • Indefeasible Rights of Use Agreements
  • Fixed Wireless Licenses
  • Drop-and-Swap and Pay-and-Walk Agreements
  • Access, Utility, and Rights-of-Way Easements
  • Wireless Site Project Planning Support for Governments

Site Administration and Enforcement

Cell site leases last several decades or longer. Once the deal is signed, we stay by the client’s side to prevent defaults or protect and defend their rights if a breach occurs.

These services include:
  • Contract Auditing and Evaluation
  • Teaching Best Practices to Landlords and Property Managers
  • Investigating and Resolving:
    • Unpaid or Underpaid Rent
    • Encroachment or Trespass Outside the Premises
    • Unpermitted Assignments, Subleases and Collocations
    • Access Disputes
    • Property Damage
    • Other Defaults
  • Resisting “Rent Optimization” Programs
  • Advising and Consulting on Zoning, Permitting, and Code Compliance Issues
  • Negotiating Site Relocation and Removal Agreements to Facilitate Development and Redevelopment Projects

Lease Sales, Buyouts, and Revenue-Stream Assignments

Every cell site landlord either has been or will be approached with offers to buyout the rental stream. We have deep experience evaluating offers based on the landlord’s specific financial situation and, if a buyout makes sense, maximizing the buyout value.

These services include:
  • Offer Evaluation and Financial Analysis
  • Market Valuations
  • Conducting Bid/Procurement Processes Among Potential Purchasers
  • Advising on Due Diligence and Transaction Management Issues
  • Negotiating Buyout Agreements, Easements, Assignments, and Related Documents


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