Telecom Law Firm PC serves government and private telecommunications clients throughout New Mexico. Our clients include local governments (cities and counties), as well as private telecom site landlords.  Note that we do NOT work for the wireless carriers or cable TV firms.

For our local government clients, we often serve as outside planners reviewing and advising in-house planners regarding cell site applications.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Wireless ordinances and policies;
  • Application development for wireless projects;
  • wireless site design;
  • federal and state compliance matters;
  • RF safety compliance with FCC rules reviews;
  • Site decommissioning;
  • 6409(a) application qualifications (surprising, a large percentage of sites do NOT qualify for 6409(a) treatment.
  • Cable TV franchises; and
  • Fiber over-builder agreements.

Our municipal clients in New Mexico include the City of Albuquerque; the City of Rio Rancho; the City of Santa Fe; the City of Las Cruces; Los Alamos County; and Sandoval County.

For our government and private clients we serve as outside telecom/cell site lease counsel, including:

  • New cell site leases;
  • Existing site lease modifications;
  • Enforcing site lease terms;
  • Early site lease terminations and relocations (usually related to site redevelopment projects);
  • End-of-lease activities;
  • Detailed site lease abstractions;
  • RF safety compliance reviews with lease terms and FCC rules;
  • Lease over-occupancy matters (very often the case, especially in legacy leases);
  • FCC enforcement actions.

We also perform parallel services for billboard landlords (cell site and billboard leases share many common features).

Telecom Law Firm has six attorneys who all focus on client matters.  We been involved in thousand of matters related to our core practice work.

Telecom Law Firm’s Senior Partner is Dr. Jonathan Kramer, who is both an attorney licensed in New Mexico (for over a decade) and in California (since 2006), as well as a RF engineer with nearly 40 years of practical wireless and broadband experience.  Dr. Kramer is a long-time member of the New Mexico Municipal League, Attorney Section (he was moved for admission to the NM Bar by Randy Van Vleck).

For more information about the firm, please take a tour of this website.  For more information on Dr. Kramer, please click here.

How may we assist you?  Please fill out the contact form below, or send us an email on NM@TLF.LAW and we’ll reach out to you.  You can also call us directly on (505) 490-6800.  Our initial consultations are at no charge.