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50% Off Kramer and Pestle’s “Selling Your Cell Tower Lease in the 5G Era” live webinar on 9/19/2019

Jonathan Kramer Teaches

Dr. Kramer and John Pestle will present  a live webinar, “Selling Your Cell Tower Lease in the 5G Era” on 9/19/2019.  This is an update of their very popular webinar on selling your cell site lease.

If you are a cell site owner and are thinking about selling your lease to one of the many firms that pester you on what seems like a weekly basis, you’re going to want to participate in this event, presented through Lorman Educational Services.

Better yet, if you register for the live webinar via the link below, you’ll receive a 50% off discount from the regular Lorman price, and you still get 100% of the materials and the ability to ask us questions at the end of the webinar.

Here’s the link to use:


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