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Los Angeles Times Interviews Jonathan Kramer on Cable Modem Internet Speed Bumps

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In the Los Angeles Times article, “Stuck in slow lane in Internet,” Principal Attorney Jonathan Kramer described how cable TV broadband providers don’t have to deliver to their customers the speeds they advertise. The providers rely on carefully crafted legalese in the service agreements to avoid being liable if they do not provide the advertised connection speeds. The article followed on the New York Attorney General’s investigation of cable companies asking why some customers are experiencing reduced download speeds.

Mr. Kramer says that it’s typical for these providers to sell high-speed internet access that’s “up to” a certain speed. “Those two weasel words are very important to protect telecom operators,” he adds. “Promises may be made. But the service contracts are written to carefully undo those promises” Kramer said.

This story has been picked-up by newspapers around the country.

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Selling Your Cell Tower Lease: Live 90-Min. Webinar on 10/29/15

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Jonathan Kramer and John Pestle will present a live 90-min webinar regarding ‘Selling Your Cell Tower Lease’ on October 29, 2015.

Jonathan Kramer and John Pestle, who are both national experts in selling cell tower leases, have teamed up many times over the years to present this very popular webinar.

Property owners with a lease for a cell tower or cell antenna on their property routinely receive six-figure offers to buy the lease and future leasing rights.

While attractive, those offers – typically structured as very long term or perpetual easements – pose unusual legal, financial, and technical risks that the property owner and its regular attorney typically are not familiar with. And unsolicited offers are usually too low – well below typical sales prices.

This webinar will guide cell site landlord/property owners and their attorneys as they evaluate and respond to such offers. It includes covering what drives the offers, typical prices, how to evaluate financial terms to determine whether selling makes sense (and when it doesn’t).

Webinar attendees will be better able to evaluate purchase offers, identify and modify the very one-sided documents offered by purchasers, and address some of the risks involved in a sale. Such risks include making sure the property owner is not hindered in developing or using its property, ensuring that future sums promised by the purchaser in fact are paid and the contract honored (and the sale terminated if they are not), insurance and bankruptcy protections, as well as questions as to the financial solvency of the buyer. These risks increase as the easement term increases (typically from 50 years to perpetual) given that the property owner continues to own the underlying property.

Government agencies face all of the preceding issues, plus special questions of municipal authority, compliance with municipal finance/procurement statutes, prohibitions on waste, and risks of accidentally triggering property reverters.

Because this is a live webinar, Messrs. Kramer and Pestle will stay on, even after the 90-minute allowed period, to answer every question posed by the attendees. From past presentations, you should allocated 2-hours if you want to stay on for every question. You will be able to ask questions via a chat box, or by using your telephone.

The regular fee for the webinar is $219, but as a special offer to Telecom Law Firm web site visitors, you can attend for only $110. To receive this special discount, please use the following link to register online: CLICK HERE FOR THE DISCOUNT

If you have questions about this webinar, please feel free to contact Mr. Kramer. His direct line is (310) 405-7333.

Dot-law Domain Gives Legal Industry Advantage in Brand Management

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In the article, “Dot-law up for grabs, but efficacy doubted” published in the Daily Journal on August 15, 2015, Founder and Principal Attorney Jonathan Kramer discusses how his firm has acquired the premium domain names and, which have helped them bring in “type-in traffic”.

The article also highlights how the addition of dot-law domains will change the future for law firms worldwide. With the introduction of a dot-law domain being reserved specifically for the legal industry, some experts are questioning the value of this high-level domain. With dispute over whether or not it will help firms establish a greater internet presence, Kramer says, “People will be doing general searches when they don’t know what they’re looking for so they’ll type in words like ‘wireless’ and ‘lawyer,’ and our website will pop up”.

The Tower of Power: Telecom Law Firm Featured in Daily Journal for Their Wireless Work

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In the Daily Journal feature, The Tower of Power, Telecom Law Firm’s attorneys discusses their wireless transactional and regulatory matters—which includes leasing, licensing, easements, sales, permitting and everything in between—for their private and public entity clients.

These days new-business primarily comes from issues related to wireless leases for corporate, government and private individual clients. Firm partner Robert “Tripp” May III says, “It’s such a niche area, so you would think we would have a limited number of opportunities to have clients. But with hundreds of thousands of cell sites, that’s not the case.”

Founder and principal attorney, Jonathan Kramer, explains that this work generally fits into three categories: “Representing a landlord negotiating or renewing a cell lease; representing landlords monetizing an existing site lease by selling it; and recovery of underpayments.” Many clients discover that the carriers owe them back rent or other damages because nearly 30% of cell sites they encounter have some material uncured breach.

Most importantly, clients rave in the article. One government official tells the Daily Journal that “[Kramer] is the expert in the field. He wrote our new wireless ordinance and has guided us, kept us apprised of all the new rulings that come through regarding wireless technology and what the FCC is doing. Anytime we have these technical questions that we just can’t answer, he’s our go-to person who can answer them in a way we can really understand.” And a real estate management company recounts how “Tripp immediately reviewed our documentation and contacted the cell site provider. Within two weeks we had met with Tripp and the cell site provider and resolved the outstanding issues.”

Upcoming Webinar: Robert May III to Participate on International Municipal Lawyers Association Webinar on Crafting a New Wireless Ordinance [6/9/15]

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Shareholder/Attorney Robert May III will present on the International Municipal Lawyers Association’s (IMLA) webinar, “Crafting Your Community’s New Wireless Ordinance”, on July 9 at 1:00 PM ET. The webinar, offered to IMLA members, will summarize the Federal Law of Cell Tower Zoning, including key court cases, the 2012 Federal statute, the Federal Communications Commission’s safety standards on radio frequency emissions and how to manage the wireless industry given the new set of rules in the webinar.

IMLA is a non-profit organization focused on assisting local government lawyers maneuver through the legal issues facing local governments.

Become a member of IMLA today and gain access to its extensive set of resources.

Upcoming Webinar: Jonathan L. Kramer Educates Property Owners on Getting the Best Price and Terms for Cell Tower Leases and Sales [6/1015 & 6/24/15]

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Founder and Principal Attorney Jonathan L. Kramer will present the webinar, “Cell Tower Leases and Sales: Getting the Best Price and Terms”, hosted by Lorman Education Services, on June 10 and June 24. Join Mr. Kramer as he discusses the key aspects of cell tower leases and the sale of such leases. An emphasis will be on industry specific elements and the terms of modern cell site leases, as well as why property owners can achieve large rent increases on the renewal or extension of existing leases.

Lorman is an organization that educates business professionals on evolving regulations, laws and business changes by regularly offering live webinars presented by industry leaders.

Upcoming Webinar: Jonathan L. Kramer to be Featured in International Municipal Lawyers Association Webinar Discussing Cell Tower Sales [5/13/15]

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The International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA) will offer its members a complimentary webinar, “Cell Tower Sales for Municipal Governments,” on May 13, 2015 at 1:00 PM ET featuring Founder and Principal Attorney Jonathan L. Kramer. Mr. Kramer will address the issues municipalities face when deciding whether to sell a cell lease or future leasing rights, advice on how to secure the best price and terms, and noteworthy legal issues that arise when selling future leasing rights.

IMLA is a non-profit organization focused on assisting local government lawyers maneuver the vast and cutting edge legal issues facing the industry.

Become a member of IMLA today and gain access to its extensive set of resources.

Wireless Regulation and Radio Frequency Emissions Workshop

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Jonathan L. Kramer, principal attorney, and Robert C. May III, partner of Telecom Law Firm, presented a Wireless Regulation and Radio Frequency Emissions workshop for Bay Area communities hosted by Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley. Mr. May discussed how federal and state wireless regulations impact local zoning authority and Mr. Kramer focused his presentation on the federal radio frequency emissions standards set by the FCC.

The discussion focused on best practices in an increasingly challenging regulatory environment. Mr. May said, “Although new federal regulations generally hold local jurisdictions’ feet to the procedural fire, nothing in those regulations prevents governments and carriers from reaching private agreements about how to process wireless development projects. Reasonable solutions tend to prevail when governments and carriers communicate.”

Mr. Kramer said, “The new federal rules do not change the fact that the FCC continues to preempt the field of RF emissions regulation. However, local officials can and should independently determine whether a proposed wireless site demonstrates planned compliance with the federal limits. That should be determined by the local government and added into the administrative record.”

Robert May III to Present at CCIM San Diego’s Lunch & Learn Series

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Partner Robert C. May III will serve on the panel, “Trends in Cell Site Leasing” as part of CCIM San Diego’s Lunch & Learn series, to be held on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. at the Barney & Barney Conference Center in San Diego, CA. With more than 5,000 cell sites in the San Diego area, Mr. May will discuss tips and tricks to protect cell site property owners and maximize their value, including market opportunities, rental rates and leasing tips.

The CCIM Institute offers commercial real estate practitioners the opportunity to elevate their business practices through focused education and networking.

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League of California Cities® Acknowledges Robert May III for Contributing to Legal Advocacy Report

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In the Legal Advocacy Report published by the League of California Cities® (League), Partner Robert C. May III is acknowledged and thanked for his time, effort and expertise for the Telecommunications appellate case, Montgomery County, MD v. F.C.C. Mr. May volunteered to co-author the legal brief on behalf of the League.

The Legal Advocacy Report is provided to keep League members informed of the League’s amicus participation in appellate cases likely to affirmatively advance cities’ collective legal interests.

The League is an association of California city officials who work together to enhance their knowledge and skills, exchange information, and combine resources in order to influence policy decisions that affect cities.

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