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On February 27, Dr. Kramer announced that he had passed the California Real Estate Broker examination.  In that post he said to watch for what was next.   Well, what was next was that he formed Telecom Realty Corporation, a California Real Estate firm to help Telecom Law Firm cell site property owner clients (and other cell site owners) to more effectively and efficiently manage their cell site assets, as well as to assist clients in buying and selling wireless assets and properties containing cell sites.

After the California Secretary of State approved the formation of Telecom Realty Corporation, Dr. Kramer applied for and later received a separate brokerage license for Telecom Realty Corporation.   Dr. Kramer is the licensed officer for Telecom Realty Corporation.

Telecom Realty Corporation will help its cell site property owners better manage their wireless lease assets to make sure that the full and proper rent is being paid; that requests from the telecom lessees are properly evaluated in light of the lease terms; and that no tenant-side funny business is going on.

For information about very special cell site property management services, which are provided separately from the legal services provided by Telecom Law Firm, please visit Telecom Realty Corporation’s web site.

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