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Jonathan L. Kramer and Robert May III Speak to Daily Journal on How Local Governments are Dealing with Wireless Tower Expansion Requests

By February 11, 2015 No Comments

In the article, “FCC guidance attempts to reconcile mobile data needs with municipal zoning concerns” published by Daily Journal, Principal Jonathan L. Kramer and Partner Robert May III discuss the concerns that some municipalities will have in complying with the new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules, set to take effect in April.

Mr. Kramer and Mr. May comment that the new rules could result in significant changes in the way local governments deal with wireless tower expansion requests. Municipalities are faced with a high demand for mobile data; however, businesses, property owners and residents of cities do not want cell towers creating an eyesore in their neighborhood. Mr. May says, “It’s going to be very difficult for local governments to have control over changes.”

Another challenge is that the new rules now presume approval if no response by local government is submitted within the 60-day timeframe. Mr. Kramer adds, “In every respect, local governments must do something and failure to do so will have really draconian effects.”

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