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Jonathan Kramer quoted in RCR Wireless News on Sprint/Mobilitie Deployment

Telecom Law Firm founding attorney Jonathan Kramer was extensively quoted by RCR Wireless News in an article titled, “Sprint small cell delays could impact other carriers” (RCR Wireless News, May 12, 2016). Jonathan discusses speed bumps related to Mobilitie’s compliance with local codes and requirements before they can install new Sprint small cell sites. Also quoted in the article was Mobilitie’s CEO Gary Jabara, who said, “No one has the right to ‘just start digging’ as [Kramer asserts], and anyone that’s as experienced or as knowledgeable as we are, would never do such a thing.” Perhaps Mr. Jabara was unaware of the $5,000 fine issued to Mobilitie by the City of Baltimore for building a wireless site without proper permits.

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