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Los Angeles Times Interviews Jonathan Kramer on Cable Modem Internet Speed Bumps

By November 4, 2015 No Comments

In the Los Angeles Times article, “Stuck in slow lane in Internet,” Principal Attorney Jonathan Kramer described how cable TV broadband providers don’t have to deliver to their customers the speeds they advertise. The providers rely on carefully crafted legalese in the service agreements to avoid being liable if they do not provide the advertised connection speeds. The article followed on the New York Attorney General’s investigation of cable companies asking why some customers are experiencing reduced download speeds.

Mr. Kramer says that it’s typical for these providers to sell high-speed internet access that’s “up to” a certain speed. “Those two weasel words are very important to protect telecom operators,” he adds. “Promises may be made. But the service contracts are written to carefully undo those promises” Kramer said.

This story has been picked-up by newspapers around the country.

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